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Huntley, MT Current Conditions

Monday May 27, 2019, 3:18 am

Sunrise: 5:26 am     Sunset: 8:53 pm

Current Air Temperature52.2° F
High Temperature52.5° F
Low Temperature51.6° F
Dew Point50.4° F
Relative Humidity94%
Barometric Pressure30.18 in Hg ⇗
Solar Radiation0 watts m-2
Today's Precipitation0.21 in.
Today's Evapotranspiration (ETo)0.00 in.
Current Windspeed and Direction0.0 mph N
Average Windspeed1.9 mph
Daily Max Gust12.1 mph @ 12:21 am
Soil Temperature 2"56.7° F
Soil Temperature 4"60.3° F
Soil Temperature 8"61.5° F
  • Precipitation and ETo values represent accumulating totals.
  • 2-day precipitation total: 0.21 in.
  • Current time stamp is 3:19 am and battery voltage is 13.2 vdc