Extension Cropping Systems Research

We conduct research primarily to target current challenges and issues for Montana producers. Examples include:

  • Crop rotations
  • Cover crops
  • Soil fertility
  • Variety trials
  • Irrigation efficiency

Agronomy Decision Tools. These tools can be found by using the menu above and to the left. One of the most popular is the Fertilizer Recommendation tool. Use this to generate an MSU fertilizer recommendation from a soil test report.

The Herbicide Selection tool helps you decide what herbicide may be the right choice for a particular field.

The Irrigation Scheduling Tool is designed to help producers in the region decide when next to irrigate their crops. There are now 3 weather stations from which to choose.

The Seed Rate Calculator provides a quick calculation of lbs/acre to plant based on seed label information like germination %, purity, and seed weight.

Variety Selection. This tool provides access to results from statewide variety trials on spring and winter wheat. It allows you to pull together results from specific locations for specific years, and to combine results from multiple locations over 1 or several years.