Dr. Kent McVay

  • Ph. D. Agronomy, 1999, University of Georgia
  • M.S. Agronomy, 1988, University of Georgia
  • B.S. Agronomy, 1986, Kansas State University

Recent Publications

  • Nitrogen fertilization rate and method influences water and nitrogen productivity of forage winter wheat. 2020. Agron J. . Lenssen, A.W., U.M. Sainju, C. Jones, K. McVay, and T. Angvick
  • Warm-season forage options in Northern Dryland Regions. 2020. Agron J. 112:3239-3253. doi.org/10.1002/agj20261. Carr, P.M., D.L Boss, C. Chen, J.M. Dafoe, J.O. Eberly, S. Fordyce, R.M. Hydner, H.K. Fryer, J.A. Lachowiec, P.F. Lamb, K.A. McVay, Q.A. Khan, P.R. Miller, Z.J. Miller
  • Productivity and stability of multi-species cover crop mixtures in the northern Great Plains. 2019. Agron. J. 111:1817-1827. Khan, Q. and K. McVay
  • Potential of annual forages in the Northern Great Plains. 2019. Crops & Soils Magazine 52:18-22. Meccage, E. P.M. Carr, M. Bourgault, K. McVay, D. Boss
  • Dry Pea (Pisum Sativum ) L. protein, starch and ash concentrations as affected by cultivars and environments and their correlation with grain yield. 2018. Canadian J. of Plant Sci. 98:1188-1198. Mohammed, Y.A., C. Chen. M.K. Walia, J.A. Torrion, K. McVay, P. Lamb, P. Miller, J. Eckhoff, J. Miller, and Q. Khan
  • Camelina sativa as a fallow replacement crop in wheat-based crop production systems in the US Great Plains. 2018. Ihdustrial Crops & Products 111:22-29. Obour, A.K., C. Chen, H.Y. Sintim, K.A. McVay, P. Lamb, E. Obeng, Y.A. Mohammed, Q. Khan, R.K. Afshar, V.D. Zheliazkov
  • Yield performance and stability of dry pea and lentil genotypes in semi-arid cereal dominated cropping systems.. 2016. Field Crops Research 188:31-40. Mohammed, Y.A., C. Chen, K. McPhee, P. Miller, K. McVay, J. Eckhoff, P. Lamb, J. Miller, Q. Khan, B. Bohannon, M. Knox, J. Holmes
  • Impact of Tillage, Irrigation Method, and Nitrogen Rate on Sugar Beet Productivity. 2014. Agron. J. 106:1717-1721. Khan, Q.A. and K.A.. McVay
  • Camelina Yield Response to Different Plant Populations under Dryland Conditions. 2011. Agron J. 103:1265-1269. McVay, K.A. and Q.A. Khan
  • Management effects on soil physical properties in long-term tillage studies in Kansas. 2006. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 70:434-438. McVay, K.A., J.A. Budde, K. Fabrizzi, M.M. Mikha, C.W. Rice, A.J. Schlegel, D.E. Peterson, D.W. Sweeney, and C. Thompson

Extension Publications

  • Montana Wheat Production Guide (2nd edition). 2017. MSU Extension. EB0197. McVay, K.A., M. Burrows, F. Menalled, and K. Wanner
  • Montana Barley Production Guide (2nd Edition). 2017. MSU Extension. EB0186. McVay, K.A., M. Burrows, C. Jones, K. Wanner, and F. Menalled
  • Chickpea Production. 2017. MSU Extension. MT201703AG. McVay, K.A., P. Jha, and F. Crutcher
  • Montana Cool-Season Pulse Production Guide. 2013. MSU Extension. EB0210. McVay, K.A., M. Burrows, F. Menalled, C. Jones, K. Wanner, and R. O\'Neill

Recent Grants

  • Relationship between fertility management and malt quality advanced spring barley lines. 2020. Funded by Montana Fertilizer Ag Committee. $24000. Jamie Sherman, and Kent McVay
  • Assessing agronomic practices to advance cereal production in Montana. 2019. Funded by Montana Wheat and Barley committee. $175000. Kent McVay, Peggy Lamb, Jessica Torrion, Jed Eberly, and Chengci Chen
  • Understanding chickpea and dry pea water use to build better crop rotations. 2019. Funded by Montana Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant. $41187. Kent McVay, Qasim Khan, and Chengci Chen
  • Relative Rotational Response of Dryland Crops in Montana. 2019. Funded by Montana Wheat and Barley committee. $13440. Kent McVay and Qasim Khan