Dr. Kent McVay

  • Education

    • Ph. D. Agronomy, 1999, University of Georgia
    • M.S. Agronomy, 1988, University of Georgia
    • B.S. Agronomy, 1986, Kansas State University

Current Research Projects    

Intensifed Dryland Cropping for South Central Montana


Brief Description

"Started in 2008, this study ran for six years. Look under annual reports for some results. Rotations are as long as four years. The hypothesis is crop rotation sequences more intense than wheat/fallow are sustainable and economically viable in SC Montana. To find out, eight rotations ranging from wheat/fallow to a four year continuous crop sequence of wheat-barley-pea-camelina are evaluated. Currently we are investigating changes in soil properties, such as carbon (organic matter) and changes in soil physical properties like water holding capacity."

Recent Publications

  • "Khan, Q.A., K.A. McVay" . 2014. "Impact of Tillage, Irrigation Method, and Nitrogen Rate on Sugar Beet Productivity". Agron. J. 106:1717–1721.
  • "McVay, K.A., Q.A. Khan" . 2011. Camelina Yield Response to Different Plant Populations under Dryland Conditions. Agron J. 103:1265-1269.
  • "McVay, K.A., J.A. Budde, K. Fabrizzi, M.M. Mikha, C.W. Rice, A.J. Schlegel, D.E. Peterson, D.W. Sweeney, and C. Thompson" . 2006. Management effects on soil physical properties in long-term tillage studies in Kansas. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 70:434-438.
  • "Kent McVay, Mary Burrows, Fabian Menalled, Clain Jones, Kevin Wanner, and Ruth O'Neill" . 2013. Montana Cool-Season Pulse Production Guide. EB0210. MSU Extension
  • "McVay, K.A., M. Burrows, F. Menalled, K. Wanner" . 2010. Montana Wheat Production Guide. EB0197. Montana State University
  • "McVay, K.A., M. Burrows, C. Jones, K. Wanner, F. Menalled" . 2009. Montana Barley Production Guide. EB0186. Montana State University
  • "McVay, Kent A". 2006. Chapter 3. Soil Management In Sustainable Production Systems In Developing and Extending Sustainable Agriculture: A New Social Contract. Edited by "C.A. Francis, R.P. Poincelot, and G.W. Bird" . Published by The Hawthorn Press, "10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, USA".

Recent Grants

  • Imnpact of crop choice and crop sequence on soil organic carbon dynamics in dryland cropping systems. Kent A McVay . Funded by Montana Wheat and Barley Committee. 2015. $23000
  • Assessing agronomic practices to advance cereal production in Montana. Kent A McVay . Funded by Montana Wheat and Barley Committee. 2014. $30000