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MAES Southern Agricultural Research Center Annual Report - 2006

The Annual Report of the Investigations and Administration at the Southern Agricultural Research Center, Huntley, Montana

Kenneth D. Kephart, Steven R. King, Geraldine B. Opena,
Josefina O. Garcia, Tamara L. Balzer and Tom A. Fischer 1

Table of Contents


Weed Control & Management in Alfalfa

Weed Control in Established Roundup Ready Alfalfa with Glyphosate and Other Competitive Standards
Weed Control in Seedling Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Weed Control & Management in Corn

Weed Control with KIH-485 in Flood-irrigated Corn

Weed Control & Management in Malt Barley

Control of Wild Oats with Silverado and Osprey
Gowan Barley

Weed Control & Management in Spring Wheat

RIMFIRE Herbicide for Wild Oat Control
Puma for Wild Oat Control
Pre-Use Pattern Everest
Spring Wheat cultivar effect on herbicide tolerance
Clearmix Co-Pak CL Spring Wheat
Cooperative Study on wild oat herbicides in spring wheat

Weed Control & Management in Winter Wheat

Grass Control with Affinity Tank Mix and Affinity Broad Spec Grass Herbicide Tank Mixes
Fargo winter wheat-wild oat control
Clearfield Wheat varieties
Control of Jointed GoatGrass in Clearfield Wheat

Weed Control & Management in Pinto Bean

Reflex and Raptor for Weed Control in Pinto Bean

Weed Control & Management in Sugarbeet

Roundup Ready Sugar beet trial
Betamix, Betanex, and Progress Formulation Efficacy

Weed Control & Management in Other Crops

Axial in Cereals
Northwest Ag.Glyphosate Formulation Trial


Variety Testing and Elite Germplasm Evaluations

Small Grains (On-Station)

Coors Irrigated Malt Barley Variety Performance Test near Huntley, Montana.(Exp. 06CVPT09).

Small Grains (Off-Station)

Off-Station Winter Wheat Variety Performance Trials in South Central Montana.


Irrigated Hybrid Grain Corn Performance Trial near Huntley, Montana.(Exp. 061309).


Alternative Crops

Adaption and Evaluation of Several Annual Oilseed Species for Potential Biodiesel and Biolubricant Production in South Central Montana.
Adaptation and Performance of Irrigated Commercial Soybean Cultivars near Huntley, Montana. (Exp. 068009)
Dryland Statewide Safflower Variety Performance Trial near Huntley, Montana.(Exp. 067708)
Irrigated Soybean Advanced Germplasm Evaluation Trial near Huntley, Montana. (Exp. 068509).

Disease Management

Managing Root and Soil Health for Montana’s Wheat

Insect Management

Cropping Systems

Nitrogen Benefits In Soybean-Small Grains Rotations


Table 1. 2006 Summary of Daily Weather Observations
Table 2. 2006 Summary of Daily Soil Temperature Observations
Table 3. 2006 Summary of Heat Unit Accumulations (Growing Degree Days)

1Associate Professor of Agronomy and Superintendent, Assistant Professor of Weed Science, Research Associate of Agronomy, Research Associate of Weed Science, Administrative Assistant and Research Specialist and Farm Foreman, respectively.