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Hysham Weather Trends

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This is data from the new SARC weather station located near Hysham, MT courtesy of a grant from Miller-Coors. This site is intended to provide producers in the Hysham area with an accurate estimate of Evapo-Transpiration for scheduling irrigation. The reference crop for this weather station is alfalfa. The ET curves below are based on textbook values coupled to actual weather conditions in the area. Please use these estimates as guidelines and check each of your fields for local conditions. Adjust your irrigation based on actual need.

  • Starting date cannot be earlier than July 6 since there is no solar radiation data prior to that date.

  • Estimated water use from 13-Feb through 27-Feb.

    CropTotal inchesAverage use
    spring wheat or barley0.000.00
    sugar beets0.000.00
    dry beans0.000.00