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Nitrogen Recovery from Broadcast Urea is Affected by Application Timing and Agrotain2016
Effect of Nitrogen Rate and Crop Rotation on Apparent Nitrogen Fertilizer Recovery in Long-term Cropping Systems2015
Short-term (2-yr) Effects of Crop Rotations and Nitrogen Rates on Winter Wheat Yield, Protein and Economics in North Central Montana2015
Ammonia Loss from Surface-Appled Urea to Cold Soils: A second look2015
Soil Nitrogen Cycling Affected by Tillage and Crop Rotations2014
"Pulse Crop Improves Early Nitrogen Uptake, Growth and Yield of Wheat in No-till"2014
Effect of Fertilizer Nitrogen on Crop-Weed Interactions in Montana Cereal Production2013
Effect of Diversified Crop Rotations and Nitrogen Rates on Soil Organic Matter and Nutrient Levels2013
Spatial Optimization of Nitrogen Application for Wheat2013
Improving Annual Legume Green Manure Management by Optimizing Seeding Rates and Termination Timing2012
Evaluation of Nitrate Potential in Hay from Five Cereal Forage Species2012
Effect of Tillage on Nitrogen Cycling from Annual Legume Greeen Manures2012
Mitigation of Ammonia Loss from Urea Applied to Moist Soils by Agrotain2012
Response of Corn to Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate and Top-dressing2012
Ammonia Loss from Urea Surface-Applied to Cold Soils2012
Changes in Soil Nitrate-N Levels from Late Summer to Early Spring in Montana2011
Using Zinc to Reduce Cadmium in Durum Grain2010
A Tool to Determine Economically Optimum Nitrogen Rates for Small Grains2009
Cultural Practices for Producing Dryland Malt Barley: Planting Rate2009
Response of Camelina to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur2008
Nitrogen Cycling from Pea Forage to Wheat in No-Till Systems2008
Cultural Practices for Producing Dryland Malt Barley: Sulfur Fertilizer Rate2008
Effect of Granular Urea Placement on Nitrous Oxide Production from a Silt Loam Soil2008
Tillage System Effect on Vertical Phosphorus Stratification and Phosphorus Uptake of Winter Wheat, Winter Pea, and Spring Pea2008
Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions from a Continuous Wheat Cropping System in Montana2007
Sap Analysis for Diagnosis of Nitrate Accumulation in Cereal Forages2007
Fine-tuning Applied Nitrogen Rates for Sprinkler and Flood Irrigated Sugarbeet Production2007
Cropping Sequence Effect of Pea and Pea Management on Spring Wheat2007
Flax Response to Nitrogen and Phosporus Fertilization2007
Accuracy of Quick Soil Nitrate Tests in Montana2006
Winter Wheat Response to Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization2006
Spring Pea, Lentil, and Chickpea Response to Phosphorus Fertilizer"2006
Is Phosphorus Fertilizer Needed in Winter Pea and Lentil Production in Central Montana?2006
"Response of Spring Wheat Yield and Protein to Row Spacing, Plant Density, and Nitrogen Application in Central Montana2006
Post-harvest Evaluation of N Management for Winter Wheat using Grain Protein2005
Soil Fertility Status after a 4-Year Transition Period to Diversified No-Till and Organic Systems2005
Estimating Straw Production of Spring and Winter Wheat2005
Row Configuration and Nitrogen Application for Barley/Pea Intercropping2005
Effect of Humic Acid on Phosphorus Availability and Spring Wheat Yield2004
Barley Response to Phosphorus Fertilization under Dry Conditions2003
Response of Durum and Spring Wheat to Applied Nitrogen and Sulfur2003
Effects of Dust Control Coatings on Phosphorus Fertilizer Availability and Crop Yield2002
Fertilizing Winter Wheat with Nitrogen for Yield and Protein2001
Response of Irrigated Durum to Applied Nitrogen2001
Nitrogen Requirements and Yield Potential of Spring Wheat as Affected by Water2001
Fertilizer Use on Dryland Perennial Forages2001
Nitrogen Fertilization of Dryland Malt Barley for Yield and Quality2000
Capturing the Genetic Protein Potential in Winter Wheat2000
Post-Harvest Evaluation of N Management for Spring Wheat Using Grain Protein1999
Canola Nutrient Management1999
Predicting Spring Wheat Yield and Protein Response to Nitrogen1998
Fertilizing Spring Wheat with Phosphorus1998
Spring Wheat Response to Potassium and Chloride1998
Economic Value of Late-Season N Applications to Irrigated Spring Wheat1998
Flag Leaf Diagnosis of Grain Protein Response to Late-Season N Application in Irrigated Spring Wheat1997
Safflower Seed Yield and Oil Content as Affected by Water and N1997
Nitrates in Soil and Ground Water Under Irrigated Crops1997
Correcting Physiologic Leaf Spot Damage in 'Redwin' and Other Winter Wheat Cultivars1997
Grain Yield and Protein Response to Late-Season Nitrogen in Irrigated Spring Wheat1997
Residual Soil Nitrate Responses to Early and Late-Season Nitrogen Application in Irrigated Spring Wheat1997
Response of Oat to Water and Nitrogen1997
Nitrogen and Harvest Date Interactions in Sugarbeets1997
Nitrogen Fertilizer Materials1996
Grass Response to N Fertilizer1995
Winter Wheat Response to Available Nitrogen and Water1993
Petiole Tissue Testing for Nitrogen Management in Potatoes1993
Winter Wheat Response to Chloride Fertilizers1993
Petiole Sap Analysis - A Quick Tissue Test for Nitrogen in Potatoes1993
Nitrogen Utilization by Malting Barley Under Varying Moisture Regimes1992
Montana Fertilizer Check-Off Programs1992